House Moving

Here is another interesting project we got a request for.

We were asked to move a current residential property to a new location.

And we were also required to make it as energy efficient as possible.

So we created the new foundation from the ground up using insulated concrete forms for maximum energy efficiency…

We also poured all the concrete floors as well as the driveway.

We are giving his home a total makeover on both the interior as well as the exterior.

And you can ...

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Insulated Concrete Forms

Today, most home buyers expect to get more from their new home; especially with the recent collapse of the housing market nationwide.

New home buyers want beauty that’s more than skin deep.

They want a new home that is designed around a solid, high quality construction foundation; and they’d like that new home to come with a lower energy bill and lower maintenance costs.

That’s why more and more homeowners are choosing a home constructed with insulated concrete forms.


Insulated Concrete Forms- The New ...

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