Custom Concrete Work

We are also starting to get a demand for some custom concrete work as well.

At CatsPaw, we are very good at custom concrete, and here is a short video of some of the custom concrete work we are doing to finish off the newly constructed Mainstays Hotel we just completed.


You can see that we poured the entire drive for the hotel, in addition to the sidewalk and curbing as well.

If you have any custom concrete work that needs to be completed…

And done right ...

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Custom Hotel Completed

As promised, we wanted to update you on the progress of the custom hotel we just completed.

You can see us starting on the project (along with some cool, in progress pictures by clicking here)

But we did want to update you with the finished hotel project and add a picture of the completed product…




Another completed commercial project done to exacting specification by CatsPaw ...

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Custom Hotel Project

We just began construction on a custom hotel project here in North Dakota.

Like anything, it is hard to visualize from the ground up…

Especially as we set the foundation and lay out the groundwork according to spec…

Just mouse over or tap on the image below for a quick tour…



We’ll keep you updated as we move forward and actually start making headway on this hotel.







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Country Inn Hotel & Suites

Here is a commercial job we finished in Wisconsin last year.

It is a Country Inn Hotel and Suites in Fitchburg, Wisconsin (a western suburb of Madison).

As a subcontractor, we framed the two-story hotel, built a 20′ high ICF pool room, and finished the  interior of the building.

The building was sided with brick and stone, helping it win an award from corporate headquarters for Best New Country Inn and Suites built that year.

Just mouse over or tap the image below for a quick ...

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