Private Home Bath Remodel

Here is a recent bathroom remodel that we did for an elderly lady in Wisconsin.

It was a complete rebuild, as we had to take the entire bathroom down to the studs and rebuild it back to insure handicap accessability as well.

You can see the before and after pictures; take particular note of the tile work that we specialize in for both kitchens as well as bathrooms…

Just mouse over or tap the images below for a quick tour



before bathroom5
before bathroom7
before bathroom1


In Progress

demo 4


Finished Product

bathroom done2
bathroom done 6
bathroom done 5
bathroom done 4
bathroom done 3
bathroom done 1


We really like working on smaller projects like this as we can pay particular attention to detail and really add some unique custom tweaks…

Again, no job is too small, so if you need just a bath remodel or an entire home makeover, simply contact us today by clicking on the link below…

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