Metal Roofing Project Wisconsin

Here is a metal roofing project we did in Central Wisconsin.

The homeowner required new soffits and fascia; and also requested that we extend the roof overhang over the walkway to the home to provide extra protection from snow and rain.

Metal roofing is becoming more and more popular; especially in the northern states where the winters can be rough on a roof.

With a new metal roof installed, homeowners are seeing a reduction in snow build up (and less weight that can damage roofing infrastructure), improved insulation resulting in lower heating bills, and a longer life span than the tradition shingle roofs that are prevalent throughout the area.

We have focused on metal roof installation over the last couple of years; and our homeowners are more than satisfied with their results.

These homeowners have reported a 35% reduction in their home heating bills after their new metal roof installation; and other clients have reported similar results.

Here is the installation process in action

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In Progress



Completed Project

Fin 4


These metal roofs come out really well; and they look great too.

We can handle small to large commercial roofing jobs as well.

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