SkyMall Completed

Here is a recent project we just finished.

It is the Sky Mall, and it came out exactly as designed.

We did the steel structure as well as the interior finishes

To include the stone, sheetrock and texture….

And note the exterior burnished block which created  some nice exterior finishes…



Concrete Work for SkyMall

We also did all of the concrete work for this project as well.

On this Sky mall project, we did the complete foundation and flatwork from start to finish.

We also completed all the ...

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Custom Concrete Work

We are also starting to get a demand for some custom concrete work as well.

At CatsPaw, we are very good at custom concrete, and here is a short video of some of the custom concrete work we are doing to finish off the newly constructed Mainstays Hotel we just completed.


You can see that we poured the entire drive for the hotel, in addition to the sidewalk and curbing as well.

If you have any custom concrete work that needs to be completed…

And done right ...

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Insulated Concrete Forms

Today, most home buyers expect to get more from their new home; especially with the recent collapse of the housing market nationwide.

New home buyers want beauty that’s more than skin deep.

They want a new home that is designed around a solid, high quality construction foundation; and they’d like that new home to come with a lower energy bill and lower maintenance costs.

That’s why more and more homeowners are choosing a home constructed with insulated concrete forms.


Insulated Concrete Forms- The New ...

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