Arrowhead Retirement Framing Job

As we continue to progress on the Arrowhead Retirement Community in Peoria AZ (northwest Phoenix), we thought it might be cool to show some of the interior framing results.

We have been pushing hard on this project, and we are getting there.

Since the interior design is pretty unique….

We wanted to share some of the framing highlights on the interior here.

Check out the pics below

(Just mouse over the images and you can scroll thru ...

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Arrowhead Retirement Community Progress

We are starting to make real progress on this retirement community in Peoria AZ (northwest Phoenix).

We had to step in and help another contractor that had fallen behind schedule…

And we have the manpower to get real results.

Here are some progress photos of the exterior since our last post here

Check out the pics below (just mouse over the images and you can scroll thru them)…


Need Help With Your Wood or Metal Framing Projects?

Then simply give us a call… ...

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Arrowhead Retirement Home

Here is a new project that we just started.

It is a framing job for a retirement community in Peoria; a suburb of Phoenix…

We are right on schedule so far (actually, a little ahead of schedule)…

And we are trying to keep adding one new finished floor every week.

You can track our progress as well visually… And see how quickly we can knock out  a custom framing project.

Check out the pics below (just mouse over the images and you can scroll thru ...

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Framing Job Almost Completed

Here is that framing job that is almost completed in Watford City ND.

This is a 90,000 square foot building that we started from scratch just 6 weeks ago.

You can see the initial stages here & here

As you can see, we have the roof dried in and it is almost ready for the roofers to come in and do their magic.

Check out the pics below (just mouse over the images and you can scroll thru them)…



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New Framing Job

Here is the initial progress we are making on an custom framing job in Watford City ND.

This is complete panelized framing job from the ground up for a 60,000 square foot apartment building.

We’ll update you as we make more progress, but you can get an idea of how a good sized project like this gets started.

Simply mouse over the image below and you can go thru the pics one at a time…



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Mott School Addition

Here is an addition to a public school that we have underway in Mott ND.

We are doing all of the structural (and non structural) work with metal studs.

We are also doing the sheetrock, sound insulation, as well as all of the sheetrock hang/tape/texture/prime & paint.

You’ll note the exterior sheathing and Tyvek as well.

(Simply “mouse over” the image below and you can scroll thru all of them)



Metal Stud Framing

Metal stud framing is a unique skill that we are very good at ...

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Metal Building Contractor

Here is a quick update that announces our acceptance as a licensed and authorized dealer for custom metal buildings.

We can help with any of your special needs or projects when it comes to metal buildings.

If you are looking for a custom metal building for your…

-Private auto shop
-Indoor garage for oversized vehicles
-Light manufacturing space
-Additional storage for… whatever

Then take a quick look at some of the sample metal buildings we can produce for your unique projects or ...

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