Metal Building Contractor

Here is a quick update that announces our acceptance as a licensed and authorized dealer for custom metal buildings.

We can help with any of your special needs or projects when it comes to metal buildings.

If you are looking for a custom metal building for your…

-Private auto shop
-Indoor garage for oversized vehicles
-Light manufacturing space
-Additional storage for… whatever

Then take a quick look at some of the sample metal buildings we can produce for your unique projects or ...

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SkyMall Completed

Here is a recent project we just finished.

It is the Sky Mall, and it came out exactly as designed.

We did the steel structure as well as the interior finishes

To include the stone, sheetrock and texture….

And note the exterior burnished block which created  some nice exterior finishes…



Concrete Work for SkyMall

We also did all of the concrete work for this project as well.

On this Sky mall project, we did the complete foundation and flatwork from start to finish.

We also completed all the ...

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Custom Concrete Work

We are also starting to get a demand for some custom concrete work as well.

At CatsPaw, we are very good at custom concrete, and here is a short video of some of the custom concrete work we are doing to finish off the newly constructed Mainstays Hotel we just completed.


You can see that we poured the entire drive for the hotel, in addition to the sidewalk and curbing as well.

If you have any custom concrete work that needs to be completed…

And done right ...

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Custom Hotel Completed

As promised, we wanted to update you on the progress of the custom hotel we just completed.

You can see us starting on the project (along with some cool, in progress pictures by clicking here)

But we did want to update you with the finished hotel project and add a picture of the completed product…




Another completed commercial project done to exacting specification by CatsPaw ...

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Outdoor Pole Barn

We are also working on a  couple of unusual projects.

Here we are framing of a 140×40 pole building; with 16 foot sidewalls and five 14 x 20 foot overhead doors.

The exterior is “pro rib”, and we are almost finished with the metal roof and metal siding.

We built this for a local sales and service business, and we will post pics of the finished product.

While not totally completed, you can get an idea of how this is progressing.

Just mouse over or tap on ...

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House Moving

Here is another interesting project we got a request for.

We were asked to move a current residential property to a new location.

And we were also required to make it as energy efficient as possible.

So we created the new foundation from the ground up using insulated concrete forms for maximum energy efficiency…

We also poured all the concrete floors as well as the driveway.

We are giving his home a total makeover on both the interior as well as the exterior.

And you can ...

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Professional Building Construction

We are also working on a new breed of professional buildings as well.

This is a small professional building created from the ground up from custom specs in Bismarck, ND.

We came in on time with the production schedule (as well as on budget); despite a little lag time waiting for other trades to complete their work.

We completed this one from the ground up in just under three weeks…

And we think you’ll agree with us… It came out pretty stunning.

Just mouse over or ...

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Hotel Making Progress

It’s been a little while since we posted, but that’s because we’ve been busy.

As promised, we wanted to update you with the progress on the hotel in North Dakota that we have been putting up.

We showed the initial phases of the hotel construction here

And here are some updated photos on the progress we have made in the last month.

Just mouse over or tap on the image below for a quick tour…



Almost There…

As you can see, we ...

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Custom Hotel Project

We just began construction on a custom hotel project here in North Dakota.

Like anything, it is hard to visualize from the ground up…

Especially as we set the foundation and lay out the groundwork according to spec…

Just mouse over or tap on the image below for a quick tour…



We’ll keep you updated as we move forward and actually start making headway on this hotel.







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Insulated Concrete Forms

Today, most home buyers expect to get more from their new home; especially with the recent collapse of the housing market nationwide.

New home buyers want beauty that’s more than skin deep.

They want a new home that is designed around a solid, high quality construction foundation; and they’d like that new home to come with a lower energy bill and lower maintenance costs.

That’s why more and more homeowners are choosing a home constructed with insulated concrete forms.


Insulated Concrete Forms- The New ...

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